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For those that don't know the game, the songs range from Beginner to Nightmare. This is a general difficulty of the song that you can then fine tune for your own enjoyment from Easy to Expert. Nightmare songs are (generally) DAMNED HARD. On Expert, the drum tracks are literally 1 to 1, meaning you hit every beat you would on a real drum kit. I have wanted to play drums my whole life but have never had the space for them. Rock Band gave me at least a little of that dream.

Been playing Rock Band since launch. Played drums on Easy for the first three days. Moved to Medium and sat their for about 6 months before moving to Hard. Been playing on that most of the time. Once in awhile, I bump it up to Expert just to see if I'm there yet. Well, tonight, I did a couple moderately hard songs on Expert with good results. A couple of songs that whipped me on Hard were even passed. So I'm browsing by difficulty and finally hit the Nightmare songs. One in particular I enjoy a lot. Disturbed-Down With the Sickness. I've played it and beat it on Hard. But tonight...I felt warmed up and ready to take on anything. So I did it. Expert. And I got 4 out of 5 stars with about 90% accuracy. Considering the song is built for double bass and I have a single foot pedal, I feel pretty damned good!

Gaming Posting

So since I have not posted here in...forever, figured I'd share another gaming blog. Some online buddies asked me to track my latest foray into miniature painting, so, for better or worse, here it is.

Step 1: Primed

Step 2: Black Bits

Step 3: Drybrush

Step 4: Paint!

Step 5: Brush on the dip

So a few notes about this. First, satin finish spray paint is a BAD IDEA. Its so smooth that it takes at least two coats of paint to get anything to stick. Its ok this time, but next time I will use flat. Secondly, I did all the black and then all the drybrushing...and then I got impatient and finished a single figure by painting the flesh and then leather straps. After that was dry, I painted on some water based wood stain. Was not sure if it would work like the varnish-y type, but lo and behold, it seems to work well! That said, the shot above is after only about a half hour of drying. Its still quite wet. Will post a final-final shot tomorrow once it has time to fully "cure".

Home sick. Again.

Called in to work on Friday with a sore throat and was periodically losing my voice. Not helpful for a job thats spent 80% on the phone. Figured a few days rest and I'd be ok. Yeah, well, that didn't happen. My worst fears came true and its pneumonia. Second time in 11 months. I hear their is a vaccine for it now, though, so may have to look into that because no matter how much THAT is, its cheaper than the ER.

Still coughing. Still have a slight fever. Feeling...well, better at least. Should be ok for work tomorrow. Well, at least I'll be home for sure if UPS shows up today. :p


Happy Solstice!

Wow, its winter. Boy is it ever!

But...why's all the rum gone?

So I've been craving hot buttered rum. Figured its Friday, I'll get some on the way home from work. Well. The liquor store was PACKED...for a liquor store anyway. Looked around for the rum section. Just happened to be where EVERYONE ELSE was standing as well. All the itty bitty bottles were gone, leaving the medium and drunk sizes. Got a medium and went across the street to get some hot buttered rum mix. Deli is out, they say check the drink mix section. Looking...and looking...and...AH HA! It should be...there? WAIT! Theres one left on the TOP shelf just far enough away from the edge that nobody under 6'6" could see it. What luck! I AM!  HUZZAH! Time for a nice, hot drink.

Oh and speaking of rummies, this picture is awesome.

SuperSystem Profile: Ghost Rider

Was messing around with the SuperSystem character generator and making an entry for Ghost Rider. Could not really squeeze him into 85 points, so I made him a 100 pointer. Without the bike, I could probably do him in 85, but do not have a model for that. Ah well. Anyway, here it is.

    Ghost Rider

 Action Points:


 Build Points:


Marvel Knights







 4 [1]




 4 [1]



 4 [1]


 Extra Attacks x 2

 Iron Will x 2

 Combat Sense x 3 [1]

 Fear-No Range

 Melee Attack x 2 [1]

 --Extra Reach x 3


 Extra Move x 5

 Climbing-Vertical Charge






















AT-43, FFG and SuperSystem!

This is about gaming. Again. As usual. If that bores you, move along.

SO! Fantasy Flight Games had a big huge SALE for about 60% off of all their Rackham figures. For those that don't know, that would be both AT-43 (sci-fi large scale skirmish) and Confrontation (fantasy medium-large scale skirmish). I am thankful to have a credit card with a reasonable limit. Got a Therian army for AT-43 and a Dirz army for Confrontation. Such cool minis. Will post pics when I have everything unboxed. Pre-painted plastic that is actually well done. Such a great deal...

Also was introduced to SuperSystem and absolutely LOVE IT! Super flexible superhero skirmish system. Can emulate just about any superhero/villain their is. Even Green Lantern with his uber flexible ring powers. We were kind of playing it wrong, but a power called Omnipower lets you use powers you don't have to suit the current combat situation. We figured it was choose before combat, but re-reading the rules, its even COOLER. Anyway, the game is just FUN and its even great to watch as it is so VERY comic booky. Can't wait to play again!

Gaming 'n such

Finally got to play some more Warhammer Fantasy today. Warbands of 250 points. Made the mistake of taking two rather large units of skeletons for my first game. It was sad. Empire ripped them up real good. Lost so badly, I made a new warband. With a better understanding of how things worked, I was able to make a much more flexible group. This group made my love zombies. Started the game with 15 of them. By the time they (almost) entered close combat, their were 23 of them. This second game was against inventionsleeps who also redid his warband after it proved fairly ineffective against the Imperial guns as well. So here I was with zombies, more zombies, a shield of skeletons to hide my necromancer behind, a unit of dire wolves, and a couple of black knights. Against an army of High Elf archers and a mage. For those that don't know, Vampire Counts (my army...really its Undead co-starring Vampires) have NO SHOOTING UNITS. At all. So I start the slow march towards the archers. Got lucky and didn't get too many casualties at all as I closed. Sent out the wolves and they...well, they drew fire effectively! Got my zombies in close-ish range. Black knights were scarier and summarily taken out, giving the zombies time to close. Which they did...sort of. The damned elves ran, fleeing my zombie horde...on the last turn of the game. I "won" but inflicted no casualties. Damnable darn! I like KILLING things! Eh, a wins a win. Was fun and a great learning experience for how Undead play in the new rules. Go zombie horde, GO!

Was thinking about other armies I'd like to try and at the top of the list used to be Ogre Kingdoms. Still is...near the top of the list, but am suddenly taken with a Chaos Warriors-Nurgle army. Love the big bloaty demon of decay. If I'm going to be playing in Warband games, I'm not sure Ogres are even really playable since they are so very high cost. I have the book and will see what I can find. I think Nurgle's call is too strong though...Hmm...if Khorn is "blood for the blood god" should Nurgle be "puss for the ooze god"?

Its my muthafugin birthday.

Wow, I made it to 30. Admittedly it did not take much more effort than making it to 29, but still. Its a "milestone" year. So, being unemployed, I spent the day at home, alone, playing video games! Thanks to my oh so generous in-laws for their gift of money. Used some of it and went and bought Rock Band 2! YAY! Played it all afternoon until my butt was numb and my eyes would not focus properly. Not hugely different from the first, but feels so much more polished and includes 80 more songs...so I sure can't complain! Other than that, I had lunch at Subway in the form of a foot long Philly cheese steak...of DOOM! I ordered dinner from the Chinese Deli (who informed me they changed their name and are sending a new menu) for me and Care who will be home any minute now. Hopefully the food wont be far behind.

OH! Got a beta invite for Chronicles of Spellborn. Its an MMORPG developed in France. Been following it a bit over the last 3 years, so hopefully it was worth the wait. Downloading now so we shall see.

Other than that, was a nice, relaxing day. Here is hoping I have a job as a late birthday present sometime this week!

Call of Cthulhu Inspiration

Was watching TV the other night with the wife and saw a commercial for Saw V. Have also been playing a lot of Silent Hill lately. Got me to thinking I need to run a Call of Cthulhu game. Played in one a few years back based on Twin Peaks meets Silent Hill and that was great (except for one player who played as a lunatic who thought he was a Leprechaun...seriously, WTF?). Thinking I can combine the blood, rust and twisted morals of the Saw series with the otherworldliness and psychosis of Silent Hill for a VERY messed up game of CoC. Still debating how to work the killer into this, though. For those that don't know, Saw has a killer, Jigsaw, who puts people who are wasting their lives or are parasites on society into death traps. Their is always a way out, but at the cost of their own flesh (except in Saw 3, but thats cause Jigsaw had an apprentice...don't want to ruin it for anyone that may watch it). In this setting, would he be part of the cult trying to raise whatever elder god through the torturous tests and blood sacrifice? Or is he an angel of retribution pushing the cultists into this to force them into seeing the errors of their ways? In the first, he would obviously be the big bad guy that the investigators would be after. In the second, the investigators may join with him. Either could involve the investigators becoming trapped in one of Jigsaw's games. Very tough choice...

Also can't think of which elder god to have involved. Big fan of the old classics such as Dagon or Cthulhu, but anyone know of a particular one with a torture theme?